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You, me, your wellbeing

Saffron Health is Internal medicine and Functional Medicine practice offering enhanced primary care and specialized functional medicine consult services.

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I am Dr. Donthu.

I welcome you to Saffron Health! The idea of Saffron Health emerged from my desire of offering more to my patients who have consistently shown me love and to do my part in bringing positive change in the health of the community.

I have a strong personal belief that primary care services should be more than just “pill for the ill”, but rather, that they should promote healthy living through easy-to-implement lifestyle changes.

My goal is to provide personalized services in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. My focus always remains on you, my aim is to meet your health goals, and to empower you with the tools necessary to achieve the healthy lifestyle that you deserve! All while respecting your time and the money spent.

I want to reduce the time and money spent trying different solutions with no help, I want to know the cause of your suffering and work effectively to reduce it. That is what sets Saffron Health apart from other primary care clinics.

The functional medicine consult is a specialized service I offer which intends to identify the root cause of the imbalance in complex chronic illnesses and work to optimize your health through healing the mind, body, and spirit. A holistic approach will get you one step closer to living the life of wellness you truly deserve!

So, I welcome you all to become a part of our Saffron family and join us in our journey to your wellbeing.


Dr. Donthu

Saffron Health opens its doors on February 10th 2022.
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Get to Know Us

Who We Are

Saffron Health is a unique care model providing enhanced primary care services and specialized functional medicine consult in McKinney, Texas. Primary care services are offered in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with focus entirely on YOU dedicating the time and attention you deserve all for a flat monthly membership fee with no co-pays or surprise bills.

What We Do

Featured Services that We Provide


Easy Access

You can reach your doctor via email/text/call through a direct line without having to go through endless phone trees or middle men like nurse/medical assistant.


Personalized Care

Your doctor spends time to know you and your healthcare needs and come up with a plan that works best for you.



One time flat monthly membership fees, no copays, no surprise bills.


Whole Health Approach

Not just “pill for ill”, we treat the person as a whole addressing the needs of mind, body and spirit.


Deeply Discounted Labs & IMAGING

Special negotiated cash pay prices for labs which many patients find cheaper than the copay alone while using their insurance.

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Services Offered

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Loving Words From My Patients

“Dr Donthu's office staff are very pleasant to deal with short office waits. Doctor Donthu is very professional takes time to listen to your needs explains everything in detail does not rush you out of her office. My wife and i have been going to her for 3 years and would not go to anyone else. We highly recommend her.”
Charles S.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Donthu for two years and she is outstanding. She takes the time to listen to you and what you have to say and then acts on it. She genuinely cares about you.”
Chris H.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Best decision was to make an appointment with her upon friend's recommendation. It is always a pleasant experience with Dr. Donthu and the office. After couple of visits, I can see why my friends like her. My diabetes and blood pressure are well under control now. Her bed side manners, the way she explains different options are what impresses me most!”
Cynthia S.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Friendly, personable staff. My "FaceTime" appointment went well. I was able to communicate with my doctor without any problem.”
Donna R.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Dr Donthu was very friendly. I really liked her smile. She had a lot of info to go through my medical records and she is very knowledgeable.”
Dorothy M.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Dr. Donthu is amazing and I am glad to have found her. Other docs misdiagnosed my rash. My family friend referred me to Dr. Donthu and correctly diagnosed and her treatment fixed my problem in two days. She is very friendly and thorough.”
Heather M.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“I recently moved to TX and had to find a new doctor. I found Dr. Donthu pleasant, concerned and very thorough, as well as having a courteous staff. At the end of my visit she said I could call her "Dr. D" when I tried to pronounce her name properly.”
Marie S.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Dr. Donthu is the Best. I am in my 60s and have seen many physicians. I have never seen someone who takes time and advocates for you. I couldn't secure appointment with other specialists and she personally calls and arranges. This happened twice with me. Also, she is a no nonsense doctor and very clear in her expectations about compliance. She is very professional in her attire and always a pleasure to meet her.”
Rebecca G.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
“Dr. Donthu is very kind and polite. She listens to your concerns and tries to explain anything that is unfamiliar to you. I highly recommend people to go to her because she's one of the most friendliest doctors I've every had.”
Shahmah E.
Patient - Dr. Donthu
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