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About Us

Saffron Health offers a Functional Medicine program and a Primary care program.

Functional medicine program is a science based, individualized, patient-centered program that asks how and why the chronic illness occurred. We look into a person’s  genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence long term health and complex chronic disease.It  addresses the root cause of the disease using low-risk interventions. We prescribe lifestyle treatment plans in addition to the targeted nutraceutical and pharmaceutical therapies  that  rebalances the core physiological processes and achieves optimal wellness. By addressing the root cause and avoiding life long costly medications, doctor’s visits, and hospital stays, this has a potential for significant financial savings. It is a  powerful tool that uses the multimodal treatment plans that lead to longevity of health, not just longevity of life.

The Primary care program  caters to urgent healthcare needs as well as chronic conditions while being combined with a holistic approach that promotes true health and wellness.Unlike traditional internal medicine practices, Dr. Donthu’s patients receive more than just conventional medicine through special emphasis on modifiable lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve vibrant health and longevity, not just longevity of life. We aim to treat the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms.

Our goal is to convert healthcare visits from frustrating to pleasant, rushed to relaxed, and from a seemingly powerless to an empowering experience. We strive to transform the “pill for ill” model to wellness and self-care model.

Our mission is to offer primary care and MORE. We strive to move from reactive healthcare to proactive healthcare and transform the “pill for ill” model into a wellness and self-care model.

Our goal is to convert healthcare visits from frustrating to pleasant, rushed to relaxed, and from a seemingly powerless to an empowering experience.

Why Saffron Health?

Like the Saffron flower, featuring 3 beautiful petals, Saffron Health embodies a simple philosophy to healthcare that can easily be described in 3 simple words: You, me, and your well-being.

Saffron is a unique and luxurious spice and similarly to that, Saffron Health provides a unique model of primary care services with a wholistic approach that is comprehensive, accessible, personalized, transparent, and affordable.

What many may deem as luxurious, we believe that every patient deserves an equal level of care and attention, despite the condition, age, or income.

Saffron Flower Petals
Pills or Healthy Diet

Like the saffron spice and the many ways it can be used, Saffron Health offers multiple services and benefits through a patient-centered approach working on promoting wellness while addressing urgent health care needs.

Not to mention that the Saffron flower is a pleasant lavender flower and you have our sincere promise that any experience with Saffron Health will be a pleasant one!

Why Concierge/Direct Primary Care Model?

Dr. Donthu’s desire to offer the best quality of care possible to her patients led her down the path of discovering the DPC model of care. We believe DPC is the future of healthcare and the answer to the current broken health care system.

Unlike traditional healthcare models, where the insurance is at the forefront of the operations, in a DPC model, the focus is entirely on you, the patient! Our loyalty is to you and not the health insurance companies as we work only for you.

DPC model is a care model where a physician charges a membership fee. This enables the physician to eliminate hours spent on the billing and coding hassles, checking boxes, filling out hundreds of pages of unnecessary documentation.

The physician is finally given the time that they can now invest in providing the patient care that they truly deserve. DPC enables strong physician-patient relationships and delivery of patient-focused enhanced care, thereby improving healthcare results and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Because of the time saved by eliminating middlemen from the equation, Saffron health can offer 30-45 min no-rush appointments, easy access directly to the physician, easily and quickly scheduled office visits, prescription management, and specialist referral all for a flat monthly concierge fee!

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About Dr. Donthu

Dr.Donthu is a board-certified internist with 20+ years of varied clinical experience. She graduated from Osmania Medical College, one of the prestigious institutions in India, and continued onto a residency program through Temple University at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Pennsylvania. She completed the majority of her electives at prestigious institutions such as Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Donthu had the privilege of working closely with pioneer and outstanding gastroenterologist Dr. James Reynolds on a research project during her electives at Hahnemann. She worked as an attending physician at Hahnemann University Hospital. She then worked with Texas Health Internal Medicine after moving to Texas.

In a pursuit to further widen her knowledge on medicine, Dr.Donthu committed to additional training in the field of Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, which not only helped her regain her health but also help numerous individuals who are tired of not finding answers in conventional medicine and gave up hope of being healthy. Her goal is to guide, coach and assist these individuals towards a path of vibrant health. Functional Medicine is her passion.