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Longevity of Health
not just Longevity of life!


Are you ready for your journey to achieve vibrant health? Our goal is to provide you with a roadmap and support you on your path. Here’s how you can make it happen!

Our Functional Medicine services are offered in a “pay per visit” format.

Step 1: Free 15 Minute Consultation

This is to determine if we are a good fit for what you are looking for.

Step 2 : Initial Consultation – 90 min- This structured interview process involves:

  • Review of previous health records, labs and tests
  • Review of extensive intake paperwork
  • Detailed interview to get to know you, your health history, lifestyle and genetic factors, physical exam, your short-term and long-term wellness goals.
  • Lifestyle interventions in 5 key areas – Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress management, and Relationships
  • Comprehensive lab test orders to take a deeper look into different aspects of your health.

Step 3: Follow Up Consultations- 60 min

We will design an individualized health plan that includes custom protocol with targeted nutraceutical and pharmaceutical therapies, personalized interventions in diet and nutrition, exercise and movement, stress management, sleep and rest to achieve optimal wellness.

Step 4: Additional Follow Ups: 60 min each

Follow-up consultations and lab retesting happen based on the needs of each individual.

Step 5: Graduation into Maintenance Program Dominated by Your New Lifestyle – The “New You”

Yearly follow ups based on the needs of each individual.

Help people achieve vibrant health by treating the cause and not the effect

Functional Medicine FAQs

Functional medicine is incredibly less expensive than traditional insurance-based primary care. Consider the other out-of-pocket expenses for  long term medications which do not heal the condition, deductibles for tests and visits which do not yield results, procedures and surgeries that happen when a problem gets worse, and hospital stays. When you add up these costs to the lack of energy, loss of productivity at work, and unhappy relationships and family life, NOT taking Functional medicine path proves to be expensive.Ultimately, health, wellness and quality of life are priceless!

Yes! Our primary care members receive a special discount on the Functional Medicine services and have unlimited free access to the portal, text and call throughout the program. 

Yes. For individuals in our Functional Medicine program, we often see the need for chronic medication go down rapidly as the core physiological processes are being corrected. We work in conjunction with your PCP and decide when you can reduce the dose, and ideally, stop the chronic medications you are on. You must have a PCP for all routine care, such as annual physicals, screenings, acute illnesses and emergencies.

Functional medicine testing we do is based on the needs of the individual. Possible tests include hormone testing  to look into the HPA axis function and hormone cycles, complete microbiome testing for digestive health, functional genomics to assess fatty acid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, organic acid testing to assess amino acid metabolism and neurotransmitters to assess brain health, detoxification testing to assess chemical exposure and toxic burden.

Testing can be done at home or at a local lab. Some tests can be done through conventional laboratories, while others require speciality labs. Tests may require a blood draw, urine, saliva or stool collection. The cost of the tests varies based on your insurance plan.

Dr.Donthu is committed to devoting her time and energy to developing a meaningful relationship with each individual, assisting and guiding them in their journey to wellness, She does not partner with any insurance plan and does not accept or bill any insurance. Our office can provide you a “superbill” for the services performed, and you can submit that to your insurance carrier. Exemptions are Medicare and Medicaid, our services cannot be billed to either of these programs.

Cash, check, credit card, zelle and your HSA and FSA cards are all accepted. 

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