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Direct Primary Care Membership & Services

Are you ready to step up your healthcare experience and pave the way to healthy living?

Saffron Health membership is the answer you’ve been looking for!

We offer personalized and enhanced health care services that do not happen in the traditional healthcare model, where the primary focus lies in satisfying insurance guidelines.

Rewards of Membership


Age 18 & Above


The Fine Print

In addition to monthly membership fee, there is a one-time, non refundable initial enrollment fee of 100$.
Members who commit to annual membership receive a 5% discount.
No long term commitment is required. We require a 30 day notice for membership termination.

What's Included?

Your monthly membership fee covers in person office visits, telehealth visits, follow up care, in house tests, procedures like EKG and pap smear**, communication of lab and test results, specialist referral and coordination of care. The best part that membership covers is easy and direct access to your doctor via email/phone/text.

Labs and imaging are not covered by membership fee and are offered at discounted cash prices.
**Exclusions apply, please see patient agreement.

What Sets Us Apart

Saffron Health
Most primary care clinics
Functional medicine trained physician
Wholistic approach
Direct and easy access to doctor
Same or next day visits
Relaxed and no rush appointments
Deeply discounted labs and imaging
More time with your doctor
Procedures included**

**Exclusions apply, please see patient agreement.

People (Conditions) treated

Annual Physicals

Wellness Counseling

Acute conditions

Chronic conditions



*At negotiated cash pay prices.
**Exclusions apply, please see patient agreement.

Membership Questions

Imagine having your physician who can address your health question without having to wait for months for an answer.

Imagine walking into your appointment knowing that for the next hour you will receive undivided attention from a professional who truly cares about your health.

Imagine having a direct line to your physician, instead of having to listen to elevator music for 45 minutes only to end up reaching Pam, the receptionist at the office in the end.

Imagine having an experienced internal medicine physician with extensive training in functional medicine and an in-depth understanding of disease processes that can see you the same or very next day.

Imagine not having to worry about receiving surprise bills months after your visit.

Does that sound too good to be true?

It was until Saffron Health decided to revolutionize the internal medicine industry. Armed with knowledge and care, we’re transforming the health industry, one patient at a time.

In the traditional insurance based model, doctors are incentivized by the number of patients they see and are reimbursed only and only when they see you leading to too many doctor visits and too many copays. Adding an in-house test like strep, depression screen or review of lab work adds up to the cost. With high deductible plans, entire pay comes  out of pocket as most patients never reach their deductible. Bonus to this is the surprise bills patients get later when they get their blood work. A simple math of all these costs show how inexpensive Saffron Health’s monthly membership cost is. 

By joining a membership-based internal medicine practice such as Saffron Health, you save money and time while receiving undivided attention and care from your physician. The flat monthly or annual fee is incomparable to the cost of copays and deductibles you are forced to pay for services you didn’t really need.

Healthcare is not a one size fits all service. Every person requires the same level of attention and comprehensive quality care. When you combine a true passion for helping people and the knowledge and expertise it takes to do so, your health begins to take a drastic turn for the better.

The membership fee does not pay for your medications, nor does it pay for your hospitalization, what it does pay for, however, is the peace of mind knowing that your physician is available to you at any time and will work directly with you to resolve any health conditions that may be preventing you from truly living your life.

We understand that your healthcare needs may change with time, and while we’d love to have you as part of our family, if you decide that it is time to part with Saffron Health, we will support you every step of the way.

We are confident that you will love our services and in the event that your healthcare needs change and you decide to cancel your membership, we require a 30 day notice. If you signed up for annual membership and decide to cancel, we will refund you the rest of the balance. However, we must note that if you decide that you’ve missed our care, we do have a re-enrollment fee of 250$.